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7-Eleven Launches E-Loyalty Program (And You Get Free Slurpees!)

Jun 4, 2020 2:56:06 PM

Renowned chain of convenience stores, 7-Eleven has finally launched a loyalty program for their customers.

This e-loyalty program will be available via an app called My7E – and it is available for their customers in Malaysia.

Customers who register as members can collect points using the B Infinite card and pay using Razer Pay within the app to collect points.

This is applicable in all 7-Eleven stores in the country.

Aside from that, members will also receive a complimentary RM3 voucher, in addition to e-stamps and a free slurpee for every six purchases.

This e-loyalty program is designed to reward repeat customers and encourage them to continue making purchases. All members have to do is download the app and scan the barcode whenever making a purchase.

“7-Eleven is the number one convenience store destination for millions of Malaysians and we know that everybody likes to be rewarded with more savings and perks, and without a doubt, My7E™ aspires to deliver that with the added benefit of 24/7 convenience,” says Colin Harvey, CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

“Besides the initial rewards that are accorded to our members, which will surely get better down the road as we will constantly optimise our loyalty app offerings and services based on feedback and by phases, our customers have the added convenience of reaching out to us directly through the app besides our current touchpoints of our website or social media platforms as customer input is vital for our continuous improvement, be it on our range offering or service levels,” he adds.

Members will also be able to locate the nearest 7-Eleven stores based on current location via Google Maps in the app.

Customers will also be updated on all the latest 7-Eleven campaigns, new and exclusive products and service launches.

Source: Malay Mail

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