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What Can A Well-Designed Loyalty Program Do For Retail Brands?

Sep 9, 2020 3:29:00 PM

Customer loyalty and brand advocacy play a major role in contributing to a brand’s overall sales.

As a retailer, increased loyalty among your customers can do wonders for your retail business

A well-designed customer engagement strategy can lead to recurring sales and increased profits for your retail brand. 

60% of retailers are using a loyalty program as a tool to track consumer activity across the omnichannel purchasing journey  

Retail TouchPoints

Using a comprehensive customer engagement tool can help retail brands design personalised incentives for their customers.

This is an advantage for your brand when it comes to standing out among your competitors and giving customers a reason to come back. 

Eber is a perfect fit for retail brands looking to offer a seamless consumer experience to their customers.

This can be achieved via smart segmentation, customisable rewards and incentives, and personalised marketing messages. 

With tools like the dashboard and analytics, you will be able to track customers’ activities along all touch points – from their first visit, items purchased, average spending, and consequent visits. 

This can help you design a personalised customer experience strategy to keep customers coming back to your retail store, which will eventually result in higher ROI. 

Eber’s database is also synced across all platforms to make sure you’re optimized for omnichannel marketing.

Whether customers shop at your brick-and-mortar store or the online store, their details, rewards points, and other information are all uniform. 

61% of retail execs saw improved customer service as a result of their omnichannel efforts, 54% saw improved customer retention and 52% saw increased loyalty

Retail TouchPoints

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