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What Is Automation And How It Can Make Life Easier For You

Jan 6, 2020 11:53:32 AM
man on laptop doing automation marketing

Customers are the core of your business – we all agree on that. 

As a business owner or manager, you priority is to give your customers the best service and experience. So much so that they will voluntarily tell people about your brand, post about it on social media, and leaving excellent reviews on your website. 

Customer service alone is not enough to achieve that.

Moving into 2020, you also need to be providing your customers with top-notch customer experience. That usually includes collecting customer data, analysing them, and giving customers suggestions and promotions based on their purchase pattern. 

It’s important to make sure that your team have all the resources they need to give customers a seamless customer experience. 

One of the ways to ensure this is through automation. 

What is automation? 

Automation is basically a process that works by itself with little or no direct human control. 

In marketing, it means using software and tools to automate all your marketing activities – so you don’t have to be doing all the repetitive tasks. 

Processes like sending out marketing emails, text messages, push notifications, and social media posts can all be automated. 

Why automation? 

Automation helps to free up time among your staff so they can focus on other things that matter. It can help improve their morale; repetitive tasks can drain them out. 

This study found that marketing automation can increase sales productivity up to 14.5%.

You can use tools like Eber to automate sending out emails, text messages, and tailored promotions to your customers. 

personalised email through automation using Eber

Text Expander is also a popular tool for automated replies – so your customer service staff do not have to write the same replies over and over again to the same question. 

Will automation make my brand sound like a robot? 

Fortunately, the answer to that is no. 

Many software and tools are designed to automate processes while incorporating personalisation. 

For example, let’s say you have about 500 customers in your database and you want to send them emails.

You surely don’t want to craft an email and manually type 500 different names in the header. It’s time consuming and has plenty of room for error. 

Using an automation tool like Eber can help make that process so much easier. 

It’s CRM tool comes with both personalisation and automation. Which means all you have to do is draft an email and it will be sent out to 500 different people – addressed by their first names. 

Not only that, the tool will also prepare an analytics report for you once those emails and messages are sent out.

You will know how many people open the emails, read your messages, and clicked through to your website. 

The best part about automation is that your customer will have no idea that this message is coming from a machine.

To them, you’re a competent brand that knows its customers well and provides excellent customer service for them. 

Here are a few advantages you can gain through automation: 

Know your customers better

Automating marketing emails and text messages also come with automatically generated report for you.

This will help you better understand your customers behaviour without actually sitting down for hours and crunching data. 

Knowing what kind of promotions are well received by your customers and what time are they responding to messages can help you plan better for future promotions. 

colleagues looking at business dashboard

Lower chance of making errors

Customers don’t have time to deal with your mistakes. One wrong move from you and you’ll send them running into the arms of your competitor. That’s not something you want. 

Letting the tools do the work for you makes the whole process seamless with almost zero chance of error.

There will be no case of an employee misspelling someone’s name or accidentally sending a VIP promo code to a new member. 

Focus on more important things 

When time-consuming processes are automated, it frees up time for you and your staff to focus on more important things.

In 2020, where customer experience takes centerstage and make or break your business, there’s a lot of areas for your business to improve.

Don’t waste time working on reports that can be automatically generated for you. 

63% of marketers plan to increase their budget on automation this year – don’t get left out!

Want to learn more about automation and how it can work for your business? Reach out to Eber so see how we can help you. 

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