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Types Of Emails To Send To Your Customers If You Run An Online Business

Jun 26, 2020 2:22:13 AM

As a business owner in 2020, you know that sending emails to your customers is important.

You have collected emails from your customers and stored them in a database.

Once in a while, you send them a newsletter to update them about new products you’re offering. But that’s not enough.

Emails are a goldmine and there are plenty of ways to use them to generate more sales for your business.

You can be creative in using emails to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

You can also use emails to convert existing customers to repeat customers or brand advocates.

So what kind of emails should you be sending to your list of subscribers?

Here are some ideas for you:

Welcome Email

Did you know that welcome emails have one of the highest open rate? According to GetResponse, the average open rate for a welcome email stands at a whopping 82%.

It’s important to send customers welcome emails to touch base immediately. If you wait a few days, they might have already forgotten what they had signed up for.

The welcome email can also set expectations as to what you what kind of content you will be sending them and how often they can expect an email from you.

This can also be an opportunity for you to introduce your company and your team.

‘Thank You For Your Purchase’ Emails

This is probably the email that is most anticipated by your customers. If you have an online business, you have to send out this email.

When customers purchase something online, send them an email to thank them for their purchase.

Give them details of their purchase, tracking information, estimated date of arrival, and so on.

Let them know how they can contact you should they need any assistance with their purchase.

In addition to that, make a product recommendation that complements what they have just purchased.

For example, if they bought a lipstick, you can recommend a make-up remover.

If they bought a home office desk, suggest desk organisers, cable holders, plug extensions, stationeries, and etc.

Request For Review Emails

As soon customers receive their product and you get a confirmation from your delivery partner, you can launch the request for review email.

Once again, thank them for their purchase. Ask customers if they are happy with the product.

If they are happy, ask them to leave a review on your website. You can also give them some incentives to encourage them to review your products.

If your customers aren’t happy, guide them through a return or refund process. Let them know if they can have a replacement, get a refund in cash or get store credits.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Photo by  Anna Shvets from  Pexels

A cart abandonment email is a follow-up email sent to customers who dropped out halfway while shopping on your website.

For some reason, they did not complete their purchase and decided to abandon their shopping cart.

This can be due to distractions, pricing, complex checkout process, slow loading website, or perhaps they were just browsing to make some comparison.

This is where you can launch your cart abandonment email to reach out to these customers who dropped out and help them complete their purchase.

Find out what was the reason for their cart abandonment, solve the problem, and get a sale!

These emails can also be automated.

Check this out: 45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened!

Active Campaign recommends some of these subject lines for cart abandonment emails:

  • Finch, we’ve saved your cart 🤙
  • We’re ready if you’re ready.
  • Your electric toothbrush is waiting (with a free refill).
  • Finch, your cart is wondering where you went ❤️
  • Your cart made us send this reminder 🙂

Once customers open the email, make sure to give them a compelling reason to complete their purchase this time around.

Special Offer Emails

One of the ways to build a relationship with your customers is by consistently updating them about your offers, products, and services.

It’s even better if you have customers’ purchase history and can make personalised product recommendations to them.

Let customers new what’s new with you, update them about your latest collections, hand-pick some items for them.

You can also have flash sales that end in 48 hours to create that sense of urgency.

Customer Milestone Emails

There may be times when a customer has made multiple purchases from you – and they don’t feel appreciated because it feels like you haven’t noticed.

You can devise a loyalty plan where you acknowledge them as a returning customer and give them some discounts or promo codes.

Let them know that you’re aware of their existence and that you appreciate every dollar that they have spent on your business.

Company Milestone Emails

You don’t always have to update customers about your products and services. You can also update them about what’s happening in your company.

Perhaps you’ve launched a new website to make the UX much better for your customers. Let them know via email.

Maybe you’re celebrating your 5th anniversary. Let your customers know your achievements to date. When they know your story, they feel an emotional connection with your brand.

When they feel an emotional connection with your brand, they are definitely more likely to buy from you.

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