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H&M And Zara Step Up To Help The World Fight Covid 19

Apr 16, 2020 3:06:22 AM

Many fashion brands have either stopped or slowed down their production of apparel to help in the fight against Covid 19. Some are ramping up efforts to make and donate essential gears needed to curb the virus.

High street fashion brands H&M and Zara are also hopping onboard to help fight the pandemic.

H&M is donating personal protective equipment to healthcare workers in the European Union. The brand is doing this through its supply chain in China, India, and Vietnam.

Aside from that, Fashion United reports that H&M is now allowing their customers to also help with this.

For every $60 spent, H&M will donate $10 to a charity organisation.

Customers can choose where their donations go – some of the options include the CDC Foundation, Direct Relief, Meals on Wheels and GLAM4GOOD.

The fashion brand is also donating items like bedding, sheets, children’s and adult clothes to the Children’s Defense Fund, GLAM4GOOD, Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Nashville Rescue Mission.

Meanwhile, Zara is donating essential items such as masks, gloves, and face shields to workers and patients in Spanish hospitals.

Vogue reports that Zara has “already donated 10,000 protective face masks and by the end of this week expects to be in a position to ship another 300,000 surgical masks.” 

Source: Vogue, Fashion United, The Manual

Image: EcoTextile

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