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How These Brands Prioritised Customers During Covid 19

Apr 7, 2020 4:49:03 PM

Covid-19 has totally changed the way businesses operate and communicate with customers. 

Many businesses have been forced to make some drastic changes to their operating hours. 

Many businesses also had to take their businesses online and change the way that they have been communicating with their customers. 

In these trying times, it is extremely important that you don’t neglect your customers and continue to communicate with them. 

For most businesses, this is where having a loyalty program came in extremely handy.

They are able to directly convey messages to their customers via multiple channels to increase customers’ confidence and satisfaction. 

Here are some examples of how these brands adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic and made changes for their customers: 

Saffron Indian Cuisine 

In light of Covid-19, Saffron has amped up efforts for takeaway, pick up, and delivery. 

They decided to give 15% off on the total bill for all pick up and delivery orders, as long as the orders are made online. There is no minimum spend to qualify for the discount. 

Aside from that, they are also extending their services to curbside pickup – where they will deliver the food straight to your car. 

Customers can also opt for zero contact delivery – where your order can be left at your doorstep. 

More on Saffrron here

Gianni’s Group 

Gianni’s premium Italian restaurant also made some changes to their operations to increase customers’ confidence and satisfaction level. 

As a restaurant, Gianni’s Group announced that they will be closely following health recommendations set by the local health department, Dutch and American centre for disease control and prevention – and the World Health Organisation. 

Some other measures that they will be strictly observing are: 

-Cleaning tables and frequently touched surfaces with higher frequency 

-Team members are required to wash their hands every 15 minutes 

-Team members are required to wear protective gear usage when serving food 

-Team members are encouraged to stay home if they are sick 

Aside from that, they also provided a link for customers to make orders online. 

More about Gianni’s here

Beef & Liberty 

One of the best burger restaurants in Hong Kong, Beef & Liberty adopted some strict protocols to keep their business going. 

Here are some of the things they introduced to their customers: 

– All guests are required to sign a health declaration form before entering any of their restaurants. 

– Mandatory temperature checks will be implemented to all guests before entering the restaurant.

Guests showing a temperature above 38 degrees will not be permitted entry and will be advised to order online through their delivery partner, Deliveroo.

– Electronic payment is encouraged instead of cash.

They also accept multiple forms of payment – just ask their team when paying the bill.

– All surfaces will be cleaned & disinfected every 2 hours. 

– Tables & chairs will be sanitised immediately after guests leave.

– Hand sanitisers will always be easily accessible for both team members and guests. 

– For team members, temperature checks will be performed and recorded daily before commencing work.

Team members will also thoroughly wash their hands, wear a mask and apron as per usual standards. 

Kitchen and bar members will wear gloves for extra protection.

Beef & Liberty assures customers that they will enforce these strict protocols to protect their customers and team members. 

They also encourage any customers who are not feeling well to refrain from visiting the restaurant until they are better. 

In the meantime, you can enjoy their food at Deliveroo


Healthy food delivery service in Kuala Lumpur DietMonsta ramped up their sanitization efforts. 

All workspaces and customer touchpoints will be sanitised frequently. Food delivery bags and packaging will also be sanitised for increased safety. 

Their crew members and riders will be required to wear masks and gloves when going about their tasks. Aside from that, they will also be required to consistently sanitize their hands. 

Aside from that, DietMonsta also has the option for contactless delivery if that’s what customers prefer. 

That’s not all. They are also throwing in a free item for every RM100 spent and free delivery for surgical masks and protection products. 

More on DietMonsta here

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