What's growing your loyalty programmes for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

Trends and strategies to grow your loyalty program in 2023.

Thinking of starting a loyalty programme for your business?

With consumer behaviour and trends shifting dynamically, let's dive into the best strategies to ensure your loyalty program thrives in the coming months and beyond.


Personalisation is still King.

You've probably heard this echoing a lot lately, but the demand for personalisation continues to prevail.

With brands personalising their customer journey with increased 1-1 approaches.

Loyalty programmes are expected to reimagine themselves and deliver exclusive personalised benefits. 

Having a loyalty programme is no longer the differentiating factor, building connections through the programme is. 

Nike's membership program, NikePlus, for instance, excels in personalisation.

If you're on NikePlus, you gain access to product launches, tailored recommendations and rewards, and even access to special events.

NikePlus caters to the unique desires of its members, creating a highly customised and engaging experience.



The best brands build Communities.

Aside from making scratchy and easy-to-lose stamp cards obsolete, digitised loyalty programmes are here to stay, and the best ones build communities.

The need for social connectivity has increased through social media and even through online review sections, all because your customers want to feel that sense of connection and belonging within a community.

Here's a slightly different take on this approach through the Airbnb Superhost Community:

Airbnb's loyalty program recognises good hosts who consistently provide exceptional hospitality by inviting them to join the Superhost Community.

This exclusive community offers a platform for Superhosts to connect, share best practices, exchange tips, and engage in discussions related to their hosting experiences, all the while expanding the use of Airbnbs alike.

Here's how people have been liking the platform:

smartmockups_ljwqtcd7By encouraging conversations and interactions, you're providing a platform for people to interact, connect, and celebrate through your brand.



Reimagine the way your customers earn rewards.

Play and gain is the name of the game (literally). If you're anything like us, you probably already understand that your customers' attention is the new currency. So what better way to gain your customers' attention by encouraging their engagement. 

The power of gamifying lies within the intrinsic motivation of players to beat their own personal best.

Here's an example: simple games that emulate the principles of world famous games - Crossy Roads & Flappy Bird provides an easy to understand gaming experience for all customers alike.

By providing an interactive and entertaining gameplay, you give customers a reason to come back to your loyalty platform regularly. The more they engage with the games, the more exposure they have to your brand and its offerings, fostering a deeper connection.

Ultimately, an engaging game can transform your loyalty program into a platform that customers actively seek out and eagerly return to, amplifying their loyalty and promoting positive word-of-mouth referrals.


So, what can we expect for the rest of 2023?

While crystal balls are hard to come by, we can anticipate a continued focus on personalisation, elevated technology integration, and a growing demand for sustainability in loyalty programs. As customers seek more authentic and purpose-driven experiences, loyalty programs that align with their values will prevail.

No matter your industry, give your customers a reason to engage with your business.

Position yourself as that option, and they’ll choose you every time.


Bursting with ideas to kickstart your loyalty program?

Leave your comments in the form below, or speak to us through eber.co today, we hope this was helpful. 


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