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10 Actionable Strategies To Build Your Email List

Looking for a simple strategy to build an email listing for your online store? Here’s an easy guide to understand the email list from the basics.

Launching an eCommerce store for the first time can be done quite easily. Building an email list? Yes, it can also be done easily if you know how. 

What is an email list?

Email listing is a gathering of the list of visitor’s email addresses who came across your website. By providing an email address, they are granting permission to receive information or promotions from the company or organization.

Bulk emails are frequently sent to all customers in order to engage them throughout the email campaign. Instead of sending boring mail, it’s time to create a perfect email to drive more leads online. 

Top reasons why you need an email list to run an eCommerce store?

Building an email list is one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers more quickly. People visit the website intending to buy it or not. However, when we began collecting email addresses from visitors by using unique methods to send out promotional & discounts towards them, shoppers began to purchase things from the website. Some of the most important reasons to manage an eCommerce store with an email list include:

  • Customers are contacted on a one-on-one basis.
  • Increase customer loyalty towards your brand.
  • Retain buyers on a regular basis.
  • The rate of conversion reaches an all-time high.
  • Generate more sales & revenue.

10 Proven Methods for Growing Your Email List

We may wonder, is it hard to manage email campaigns? Guess what, it is way too simple. When we know the right technique to build the email list. 

Offer Free Resources 

You can build your store anywhere around the corner of the world. But to create an ideal email campaign, the basic need is to expand your network. To build members of the channel, set a feature of updated products & post it on social media networks. Make it a fabulous ad to attract the audience. Ask the visitors to submit the email address to know more about your products and to receive awe-inspiring support such as newsletters, a free guide, a demo of exclusive tools, etc. 

Create an Email List Based on a Targeted Audience

Dividing the cluster of emails based on demographics is a brilliant way to reach out to more customers quickly. Think of yourself, when the email is sent out to all visitors with similar content. Do you think they'll all buy your products? Probably less because everyone has a different perspective based on age & gender. So start preparing a list of campaign emails into different groups based on a targeted audience. In this way, the possibility of buying will improve. 

Time to Create Colorful Blooming Exit-intent Popup

A popup can easily capture anyone’s attention, but if it appears first when they visit your website, they may abandon it. To solve these issues, an exit-intent popup is used. It can be created with simple drag & drop editor tools. This popup appears as the searcher scrolls down the web page to learn more. If the visitors spend that much time on your website, they'll probably like to purchase your product. So it’s a great deal to provide what they are looking for. In that case, getting an email from the visitor will be much easier. 

Example: Create an exit-intent popup aesthetically and ask the visitor to “Enter the email address” to enjoy the delightful offers of 70% - 20% OFF on the FIRST PURCHASE.


Gamification: Make Shopping Enjoyable

Do you want to make your shopping site more exciting and entertaining? Then, for the online store, begin to implement gamification. The technique of establishing games in non-game environments, such as websites, is known as gamification. Can you believe it? Gamification popups are now accessible to enhance the user experience on a website. You can create this popup as a “Spin wheel to win” or “Scratch the card to hit the prize” to grab the reward, enter your email address to claim. In this way, customer interaction & engagement will be increased. 


Set Countdown Timers Offer

One of the secret ways to build your email list is to create a limited-time offer for a product and use your email address to receive discounts. This timer count sale is extremely feasible, especially during holiday sales such as Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year. Millennials make the majority of purchasing. Most immensely profitable businesses employ the countdown timer offer to boost sales. Sales during the count time are higher than that during normal times. 

Example: Enter email address to grab 50% OFF on next purchase Valid till 01:00:00 Hr (run the countdown)

Make Your CTA Stand Out

A CTA is the next move for the customers to purchase the product. As a matter of fact, it's crucial to include a CTA on feature product web pages or social media ads that request an email address in order to view the linked content. To draw attention to the Call-To-Action button, use bright colours and catchy phrases. It will stimulate customer’s curiosity in making a purchase, and they will promptly hit the button. It is one of the most effortless ways to accumulate the visitor’s email address. 

Utilize Referral Program 

A referral program is becoming trendy these days. You can extend the email list throughout this program. The way out is simple, initially, customers get a unique link with a referral code to invite their friends to your eCommerce store. Referred person (friend) visits your store via a unique link & enters the email address to grab the discount. In the meantime, customers get a discount too. In this way, the network of communication will be increased & the email addresses of visitors can be gathered easily. It’ll help to promote the other products too. 


Organize a Contest or Giveaway

Contests and freebies are always popular. Normally, participants are looking forward to taking part in this event. To enter the contest or giveaway treats, display the email address to be entered at this time. Using this email marketing strategy, the email list will be extended. You can organize a contest by offering generated unique entry links for people to register their email addresses and compete. If you think it’s quite boring then create a flashy popup to conduct the contest & build the email list. 


Special Offers for Subscriber

If your consumers frequently return to your website to complete further buying, this is a good sign, cause it's time to build subscriber popups for them. It will help in the sustaining of customer relationships and strengthening brand awareness. As we all know, in order to subscribe, it is necessary to enter an email address. A simple subscription template will become tiresome after a while. As we give a special treat to subscribers the follower list will eventually be increased. 


Be Creative in Building a Landing Page

Last but not least, a landing page should be more creative to indulge numerous visitors. It’s your website where you can design the way you want. But keep in mind to provide what buyers look for. Satisfy the concern of patrons will lead to more signs up on your website. Set the initial process with the registration of the email address. Collect those visitor's email addresses & smartly use them to turn them all into potential customers.

Final Thoughts

Email communication is one of the effective ways to expand the lead networks. As of Statista report, 306.4 billion daily emails are sent & received each day throughout the world in 2020. It’s even reported to reach over 376.4 billion by 2025.

Right now, don’t you think it’s the greatest time to utilize email marketing? Yes, it is. As we discussed 10 practical email marketing ideas that could work on all periods & the outcome of this strategy will robust your online business to an ultimate level. Remember one thing “Think Revolutionarily” & stay in trend to cope with the competitors among the eCommerce realms. 

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