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Here’s Why You Need To Start Using Gamification In Your Marketing Plans

Dec 5, 2018 3:01:35 PM

Recently I headed for my usual manicure appointment and upon payment, the cashier informed me that my purchases for that day entitled me to a reward from a quick spin-the-wheel session.

It took me by surprise and I couldn’t be any happier. The familiar adrenaline rush hit me as I spun the wheel, my eyes anxiously tracing each wedge that passes through the needle as it rotates.

Pedicure worth $30…
10% discount…
$20 voucher…
50% discount…

And finally, the needle landed on a manicure worth $50.

After claiming my free reward, a voice in my head coaxed me to make another purchase in order to qualify for another spin. Perhaps I could get lucky again. Sounds a bit like having a go at the slot machines, right?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who gets excited over spin-the-wheel reward games. In fact, gamification has always appealed to people of all ages and cultures. Especially when you’ve got such an addictive prize game such as the spin-the-wheel, it only takes a few seconds to get your customers hooked — making it a great addition to your loyalty program.

The face of consumer behaviour is always changing and businesses ought to keep finding new ways to keep them engaged. Of course, we all already understand that highly engaged customers lead to higher retention rates. We talked about creating rewards that deliver value, and creating that special connection between brands and their customers.

A study revealed conducted among Millennials revealed that 62% reported that brand engagement is more likely to make them a loyal customer. And what’s a better way to keep them engaged than with the use of good ol’ fashion games?

According to a report, gamification strategies can lead to a 100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics, and 30% of companies using gamification were reported to have improved registration conversation rates by upward of 50%.

But how can such a simple tool help produce such great results? Take a look at the five ways the Spin-the-Wheel tool can complete your loyalty program.

  • It’s fun and adds up to the overall member experience
  • It induces the right amount of healthy competition among members
  • It offers a different way to earn rewards
  • The random rewards keep members engaged
  • It’s easy to understand and take part, which makes it addictive.

If you haven’t adopted one for your loyalty program, don’t miss out. Equip yourself with our free Lucky Wheel App just in time for the holiday sales season. 

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