Issue 10 | Rise of the Dashboards

“The world is changing rapidly, and everyone changes along with the world. Discoveries is now becoming rampant; intellectually, technologically,etc, each having its advantage and disadvantage.”
 Michael Bassey Johnson

Indeed, we are living in a rapidly changing environment. Technology is evolving, trends are shifting and the behavior of consumers are becoming perpetually unpredictable. The change can either make or break you; while we hear big brands that have made their name over the years struggling with this change, we’ve also seen several other brands becoming bigger than they were before. Think Alibaba.

Instead of trying to fight this change, it’s important that we learn to embrace it and use the available resources, such as technology, to our advantage.

In conjunction with the launch of a new version of our highly-anticipated dashboard, I’ve prepared a short feature that gives you three key reasons why it’s the ultimate tool you’ll ever need to survive this apocalyptic retail industry. You’ll also be able to discover how you can leverage on some of our dashboard’s features to steer your business to success.

We’ve basically got you covered.

Denissa Goh
Public Relations & Content Manager, Eber


Dashboards — The driving force behind your business

It’s Monday morning and you find yourself lost in thought, staring at blank spaces, and occasionally trying to suppress your involuntary yawns as you steal glances at the clock… all while trying to look focused during this week’s financial report meeting.

Your colleague’s 20-slide PowerPoint presentation filled only with an endless amount of numbers…

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Robots are taking the world by storm. We’ve seen that happen in popular blockbuster Transformers and a million other sci-fi movies, but who knew it would happen so fast? When it comes to the food industry, many are citing a more consistent quality control and efficiency. Looks like we have to gear up for the #robolution because the robots are here to stay!

In Boston’s Newest Restaurant, All The Chefs Are Robots | Digital Trends 

Four recent MIT graduates just launched a new fast-food restaurant in Boston called Spyce. Its hook? The fact that all the meals are prepared to order by a kitchen full of robots. Not only does this add novelty, but the automation also keeps the food prices down to $7.50 a meal.


This #25,000 Robot Wants To Put Your Starbucks Barista Out Of Business

Cafe X is a San Francisco start-up with a new automated barista designed to sling 120 cups of joe per hour.


At JD.Com Restaurants, Meals Will Be Prepared By Robot Chefs
DALIAN, China — China’s No. 2 e-commerce company,, plans to open 1,000 restaurants fully staffed by robots by 2020, taking on front-runner Alibaba’s partially-automated eateries.



Our dashboard went through a major transformation in terms of aesthetics as well as features. Monitor and analyze your performance metrics via interactive charts and dive deep into collected results. Our sleek new interface awaits you!

See what else you can do with our dashboard.


Bryan Loo is the Digital Marketing/Growth Hacking Executive for Eber, Kuala Lumpur. He loves seeing a company grow and succeed. As a self-learned digital marketer, he is always looking for new trends in the digital space to improvise and adapt to the ever-changing digital world.

But he doesn’t sits by the computer all day. As a football fanatic, he plays up to an alarming 10 hours of football a week. Loves Liverpool. Don’t hate.

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