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10 Powerful Customer Experience Statistics For Marketers In 2021

Delivering excellent customer experience can ensure repeat customers and increased revenue for you.


Delivering excellent customer experience can ensure repeat customers and increased revenue for you. That is also every business owners’ goal.

But how do you make sure that customers have an excellent experience when dealing with you? Do you know what customers really want? What they look forward to the most?

What about your engagement – do you engage with customers on a regular basis – or only when you want to sell something? 

Is it important to acknowledge customers on their birthday? 

Do you recognise your loyal customers and reward them? Should you address customers by their first name? 

You have all these questions in your head but you don’t have an accurate answer.

Don’t play the guessing game. Use solid data to make your business decisions. 

We surveyed 150 customers and asked them these questions.

Here’s what they told us.

1) 57% of customers say that it upsets them when their favourite brands don’t recognise them as loyal customers. 

2) 72% of customers agree that not all the brands and stores they frequent have a loyalty program. 

3) 82% of customers say that they would like their favourite brands to engage them in a loyalty program.

4) 85% of customers say they look forward to birthday rewards from stores and brands that they frequent. 

birthday rewards statistics

5) 46% of customers say that they are disappointed when their favourite brands do not give them any birthday rewards. 

6) 59% of customers are willing to pay more for faster service and better experience.

customers would pay more for better service

7) 33% of customers expect to be addressed by their first names when they walk into their regular retail store, cafe, bar, and restaurant. 

8) When rating customer service, 91% of customers rank friendly and helpful staff as the most important factor. 

9) 61% of customers say that an easy return or refund policy is an important factor of customer service. 

10) 47% of customers say that they have an excellent customer experience when they get personalised greetings and comments

Key takeaways:

Based on the statistics above, we see that it is indeed important to acknowledge your loyal customers and make them feel special.

When someone comes into your cafe 5 days a week and you treat them like a new customer each time, it creates some level of dissatisfaction in them.

In addition to that, loyal customers also expect to be addressed by their first name and get personalised greetings.

Birthday rewards is another area that you should invest in – if you haven’t already. 85% of customers said that they look forward to some kind of birthday promotion from their favourite brands.

You can never go wrong rewarding your customers on their birthday – people love surprises and more than that – they love sharing on social media!

Another important takeaway is that 91% of customers ranked friendly and helpful staff as the most important factor in customer experience. You want to make sure your staff members are well-trained and can provide a friendly and efficient service to customers.

Finally, customers have said that they are willing to pay more for better service or experience. This shows that excellent customer experience goes beyond pricing and extends into other areas of your business.

As a business owner, you can use these customer experience statistics to better plan your customer experience strategy for the rest of 2020. 

If you need help designing an effective CX program that prioritises loyal customers, Eber is happy to help.

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