POS-Based Loyalty Program vs Eber

Should you use the loyalty program that comes with your POS system or should you invest in a separate one?

Customer loyalty means that a customer is willing to come back to your store and purchase again and again. 

Loyal customers are already familiar with your product - so they spend lesser time on the consideration stage and proceed straight to buying. They are also less sensitive to pricing. 

As a business owner, it’s important for you to immediately hook customers in when they visit your store, restaurant, salon, and so on. 

The best way to do this is through a loyalty program that is easy to use. 

POS systems today offer a complimentary, built-in loyalty program for you to do that. 

The question here is should you use a loyalty program that comes with your POS system - or should you invest in a separate one? Let’s look at how they both work. 

POS-Based Loyalty Program

If the POS system that you are using already comes with a loyalty program, then that’s great. However, you need to also understand its capacity and limitations. 

Most POS systems nowadays come with a built-in CRM tool that allows you to collect basic customer information and view their spending. You are also able to view their preferences and issue points and cash backs. 

Some of the downsides to this are: 

One way street 

Through the CRM in your POS, you are able to view customer’s information, identify your regular customers and view their points. However, customers are unable to do the same.

There is no check point for them to view how much points they have collected, what are the gifts they can redeem and so on.

This also means that customers are more likely to forget about their points and cash backs - unless you send them a reminder. 

Rigid loyalty structure 

A loyalty program that comes with the POS can only work in limited mechanics; for example $1 = 1 point. 

There’s no way to create a multi-tier membership to encourage customers to increase spending, no way to issue birthday rewards, welcome rewards, gamification features, and so on. 

There’s no way to customise it according to your preferences. 

It's industry-based 

Some POS systems are designed to work well for certain industries. Therefore, the loyalty program may also have some limitations.

The loyalty program may only work for certain industries like e-commerce or retail.

If you’re running an F&B outlet, you may need a different kind of loyalty program that is tailored to your customers’ behaviour. 

No messaging or campaign automation functions 

Issuing points for customers alone is not enough. In order to foster customer loyalty, regular engagement with customers is important.

A POS-based loyalty program may not come with messaging tools to facilitate this. You probably have to invest in a separate tool to send out emails and text messages to your customers. 


Eber’s Loyalty Program

Data collection, CRM, and reporting are a given in any loyalty program. What makes Eber different from the rest? 

Ensures two-way communication 

Eber comes equipped with messaging tools to make sure that you can communicate to your customers - and customers can communicate back with you. 

Not only does Eber have an email automation and SMS function, it also comes with a DM function that allows customers to reach you even faster.

Customers are able to ask questions, provide feedback and so on. 

This way, you can nurture customers while garnering feedback to improve your products and services. 

Customised loyalty program 

Eber is built to help you grow customers and achieve your business goals. With Eber, you are able to customize the loyalty program to your liking, using any structure that you like.

Be it single-tier, multi-tier, with birthday rewards, welcome rewards, issuing gift cards, selling your products and merchandise - you can do it all. 

Use Eber for any industry or business, big or small 

Choose from any successful blueprints from our existing clients and replicate the success for your business - no matter what the industry. Eber works for restaurants, cafes, bars, ecommerce stores, retail stores, logistics companies, hotels, malls, and more. 

Eber can also easily integrate and work seamlessly with most of the popular POS systems. It’s extremely easy to use and even easier to set up. 

Eber works well for omnichannel marketing 

Most POS-based loyalty programs only work at that particular outlet. If you want to integrate it across multiple outlets or connect it to your online store, you’d have to pay more. You won’t have that problem with Eber - as it is designed to work across all outlets and channels - both physical and online. 

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