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How Jungle House Used Their Online Store To Generate Revenue During The Pandemic

Apr 23, 2020 8:23:39 PM

Jungle House’s journey began 12 years ago. 

The brand was built with a clear vision in mind – to deliver delicious honey to the world, one cup at a time. 

They went from selling honey through events and roadshows to a self-owned lifestyle store. 

For more than a decade now, they have been serving customers with fresh, delicious honey sourced from the natural jungle. 

They are determined to continue with their mission of delivering delicious honey to the world in spite of the recent pandemic that took the world by storm. 

We catch up Preston Loo, Jungle House’s Marketing Lead to find out how Jungle House is persevering. 

Immediate plans include telesales and enhancing online store 

“One thing we implemented immediately was switching to telesales,” says Preston.

“We used our existing customer database to reach out to customers via phone calls.” 

Aside from that, Jungle House also enhanced the online store.

They introduced immunity and detox packages for customers. There were customised deals for everyone – for moms, dads, parents, and more. 

Jungle House also introduced an online free gift for orders above RM1,000. 

“We improved the supply chain and launched e-campaigns to encourage more customers to buy in,” Preston adds.  

The key is to focus on customers and their needs 

What are businesses without customers? 

Jungle House has always prioritised customer service. However, customer service became way more important during the lockdown period.

“We chose to focus on customer service by caring more for our customers during this MCO period,”

“We became more concerned about how we could help customers boost their immune system with our products and avoid being infected by the virus,”

“We don’t just want to be seen as a product,” Preston explains.

“We want to be seen as a brand that can benefit customers’ health and wellbeing – especially in terms of boosting their immune system.” 

Used data from our loyalty program to engage with customers

During the MCO period, communication between businesses and customers was so crucial. Customers needed to know that they were not forgotten and could still have access to products they wanted.  

“The only way we managed to reach out to our customers is through the database in the loyalty program,” says Preston.

“The functions in the tool (that we’re using) allowed us to identify our customers, educate customers about the importance of our products, and how our products can benefit their health.”

Final words? 

“We have managed to make a fast switch from offline to online business and grabbed the opportunities there,” says Preston. 

“This is great for us because even when the MCO is lifted, we can reap benefits from both platforms.”

And that’s the story of how Jungle House moved quickly to optimise their online store as soon as their physical store had to close.

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