Issue 11 | The food revolution

It goes without saying that the food & beverage industry is becoming fiercely competitive. As technology continues to advance, new trends are perpetually developing to suit the demands of the increasingly sophisticated customer… leaving many F&B outlets to bite the dust.

An attractive restaurant loyalty program could increase repeat visits by 35%.
— Loyalogy

It cannot be emphasized enough how much value a loyalty program is able to bring to a business, especially in times like these where competition is intensifying and costs are rising.
Instead of focusing so much on what’s eating up the food industry, let’s try to fixate on improving what’s in front of us. Keyword: customer loyalty.
Bottom line is, your restaurant needs loyalty to survive. Period.

Denissa Goh
Public Relations & Content Manager, Eber


Your quick guide to starting an F&B loyalty program
Last week I had this major craving for açaí smoothie bowls that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately it happened during the peak of the evening rush hour and to get to my favorite juice bar, I would need to make a detour from my usual path home and crawl for an additional half hour in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. Guess what? I did just that. And I’m one among millions of others who would go out of our way just to get that kind of craving fixed — rain or shine.

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It is evident that the pervasion of technology is constantly shaping consumer’s behavior. It has affected the way we shop, communicate, find true love, and even sleep (think Fit Bit sleep-trackers; smart beds that automatically changes the temperature of the mattress to suit the sleeper’s body temperature; and the well-thought-of Philips Wake Up Light).  Most importantly it has also changed the way we eat — dine in, take-out, delivery style.







Peggy Hong is the Brand Manager for Eber Malaysia. An advocate personality type that finds it hard to differentiate between left and right!

Loves breakfast and binge watching movies on weekends, and strongly believes that breakfast and movie is the best dynamic duo created by mankind.


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