Is personalization really THAT important?

You’ve probably seen some great examples of how the bulk sending of eDMs can feel so personalized and intimate when opened by each individual reader. But the kind of personalization I’m talking about goes beyond just addressing each reader by their name. Think curated playlists on Spotify, TV series on Netflix, and more. The possibilities are boundless.

We live in a world where brands are getting more and more competitive when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers, so much so we’re receiving a great number of spam on a daily basis. It also doesn’t help that our attention span continues to deteriorate as we proceed further into the tech-immersed future.

So is personalization really that important for your brand? Yes.

Personalization allows you to direct only the relevant content to your customers, making them feel valued by your brand, which subsequently helps you to fetch better results.

But in order for you, as a business owner, to personalize your approach, it’s crucial to first understand the interests of your loyal customers. This enables you to engage and build a stronger relationship with them more effectively, which eventually leads to yielding a richer customer experience over time.

And without a doubt, a richer customer experience is the key ingredient in boosting brand loyalty.

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Denissa Goh is a Public Relations and Content Manager for Eber, based in Kuala Lumpur. The former journalist and flight attendant is an ESFJ personality type who has a keen eye for luxury fashion and enjoys intelligent conversations. Apart from being a gym rat who often counts her daily calorie intake, she cannot resist great coffee and whisky. Besides being an article churning machine, she also functions as that annoying office colleague who types really loudly on her keyboard because of her long acrylic fingernails. You can reach Denissa at

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