How Should a Restaurant Run Their Member Program?

Rewarding your loyal customers is a good way to make them even more loyal to your restaurant, and a good rewards program can be just what you need to get new customers excited about your business, too. However, there are a lot of different member programs out there, and it can be tough to figure out how to set up and run your own. If you are wondering, “How should a restaurant run their member program?,” consider these helpful tips.

Make it Sustainable

Even though you might be excited about offering as much as possible for your loyal customers, it’s important to set up a program that will be sustainable in the long run. After all, you want to bring in new customers and encourage old customers to come back as much as possible, but you don’t want to make your restaurant go broke, either. Think about the long-term sustainability when setting up your program, since it’s better not to set up a program that you won’t be able to continue running in the long run. The truth is that customers can become very upset when rewards programs are discontinued or changed in a major way, so this is something that you’ll want to avoid if at all possible.

Offer Something to Encourage Sign-Ups

Many people never even bother signing up for rewards programs at restaurants and other businesses because they think it’s a waste of time. This is why you’ll want to offer a little something to encourage sign-ups for your club. For example, you can offer a free appetizer, free dessert, book of coupons or small gift card to those who sign up. This can help you get your program going.

Keep it Simple

If your member program is too complicated for people to understand, things can become a nightmare. You’ll want to keep things simple so that your customers aren’t confused about how to earn rewards. For example, something as simple as a punch card that is punched each time that a customer comes in and that offers something free when the card is filled up works well. If you want to take things up a notch, consider offering a points system that will allow your customers to earn certain rewards that they can “purchase” with their points. For example, customers might earn 1 point per dollar that they spend, and they may be able to purchase a free entree or gift card after earning 500 or 1,000 points. You’ll obviously need to tweak the numbers to suit your restaurant, but the point is that you’ll want to keep things as simple as possible. Not only will this make things easier for your customers, but it will make it easier for you, too, since you’ll have less to keep track of and fewer questions to answer.

Make it Fun

Consider adding additional things to make your rewards program fun. For example, you might host contests or games — either in your restaurant, which can help bring people in through the door, or on your website or social media pages — that will allow customers to earn points or rewards. This is a great way to make things entertaining and interesting and to offer customers just a little bit more.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you want to run a successful restaurant member program. It can take a bit of time to set up the right program, but once you do, you’re sure to find it to be worth it. If you are looking for additional assistance with setting up your membership program, contact us at Eber today.