Issue 9 | Eber-lution: A New Eber Is Here!

Dear brand builders!
You’ve probably wondered why you haven’t heard from us in a while — really, it’s not you, it’s us. During this period, Eber has gone through various stages of growth, and today we’re equipped with a much bigger and talented team. We’ve launched a new office setup in Kuala Lumpur and expanded our sales consultant team which can work with more brands to launch their ideal member program.
I am also excited to welcome our marketing team: Bryan, Peggy and Denissa. In this issue, we will feature Denissa, our Public Relations & Content Manager; meet her in The Team Behind Eber section below!
They will help take Eber to the next level with better communication as well as to enhance your experience with us. Starting with this bi-weekly Eber news, we will be bringing you interesting updates about Eber and the #CustomerTech trend globally.
Today, Eber has worked with over 100 brands globally. From internationally brand like Philips to luxury hotels such as SukhoThai. We have also worked with various local brands built by entrepreneurs who have interesting stories to tell. In regards to that, Denissa will be bringing you a series of interviews that will be featured in Eberpreneurs where you’ll get first-hand information into their backstory. Denissa, over to you!
— Edward Au, CEO, Eber.



It all began with an inspiration after a visit to New York City’s sensational cupcake store Magnolia Bakery — the brand that is said to be responsible for the undying cupcake craze after its appearance in the popular rom-com TV series Sex and the City.

“I was kind of inspired by Magnolia Bakery and wanted to bring this same concept back to Singapore,” said Audrey Lee the co-founder of Dreams Establishment Pte Ltd, a multi-label lifestyle company.
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It’s pretty normal for big brands to suffer from a mini competition between their online and offline stores. But it looks like retailers are now choosing a healthier option to jump onto the #omnichannel bandwagon because they’re beginning to realise that customers are seeing both the online and offline platform as one big store.

More Than One-Third Of Shoppers Would Pay For Enhanced Loyalty Programs – Retail TouchPoints

Consumers spend 37% more with brands when they are loyalty program members; 70% of members say they are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs, and 77% say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a brand.
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Why Sephora Merged its Digital and Physical Retail Teams into One Department | monimedia

Sephora’s retail teams have been operating differently since the company broke down one of the biggest internal barriers in October of last year, combining its in-store and digital teams. Mary Beth Laughton, who had been the company’s svp of digital since 2014, assumed a new title as evp of omni retail.
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With our new content page feature, you may now add contents to your Member Web App quickly and easily. You may also build any contents with our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page builder. Adding details about your member program, seasonal promotions, new product launches… the possibilities are endless! In addition, it can work hand-in-hand with the marketing messaging tool, which allows you to redirect your member to a content page with a simple touch of a button via an Email or SMS message. On top of that, you may also add a member-protect function for your content, allowing only members to view it. Explore this function in our Settings.


Denissa Goh is a Public Relations and Content Manager for Eber, based in Kuala Lumpur. The former journalist and flight attendant is an ESFJ personality type who has a keen eye for luxury fashion and enjoys intelligent conversations. Apart from being a gym rat who often counts her daily calorie intake, she cannot resist great coffee and whisky. Besides being an article churning machine, she also functions as that annoying office colleague who types really loudly on her keyboard because of her long acrylic fingernails.
You can reach Denissa at

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