Loyalty program ideas for quick service restaurants

Easy Loyalty Program Ideas for Quick Service Restaurants

There are a lot of hard sells out there about how it costs less to keep a customer over making a new one, but what about practical loyalty program ideas that are truly a way to give back to your big supporters?  When it comes to quick service restaurants, this idea can seem to be over-done, and fresh ideas that will truly feel like rewards might seem difficult to find.  However, we have composed a few easy loyalty program ideas for quick service restaurants that offer high rewards and are particularly suited for fast-paced food service because they involve giving customers a digital member card.  This means at checkout, they only need to punch in their telephone number to get their point rewards.

How loyalty programs are defined for quick serve restaurants

One of the keys to creating a loyalty program is giving something away to customers that they will truly value.  The idea is that after a certain number of purchases or points, the loyal customer will get a piece of free merchandise, a coupon, or points toward bigger prizes.  Alternatively, if the card stamping or punching holds up the line, it defeats the purpose of being a benefit to a quick serve restaurant. Instead, affordable and profitable solutions should include systems that sign them up for membership simply by acquiring their telephone number at checkout.

Loyalty card ideas to avoid

Quick serve restaurant loyalty cards will need to have a points system that is clear to understand and this means avoiding odd numbers. For example, if 12 points equals one dollar in restaurant rewards, this could mean the cashier and the customer end up arguing over math they are doing in their heads.  Instead, using 100 points to equal one dollar is more concise.  Coupon rewards for new products also works when clients need to avoid math.

Loyalty cards used for tiered membership

The coupon incentive loyalty program is a good place to start, but there are other ways to keep customers coming back to use the card.  Remember the convenience store company that offered free refills if you bought their large cup and kept bringing it back?  In addition to creating a billboard for the business on the side of the big cup they sipped from all day, customers in this scenario were more likely to buy something else when they came for their pre-paid refill.

In many ways, a tiered membership can provide the same style of profits for quick serve restaurants.  For example, acquiring a number of points at the silver level gets them a free large drink with each meal for a year or month.  Gold membership gets them fries and the drink.  The platinum membership is any side item, drink, and a desert.  This loyalty tiered program can be limited to a month or year.

Connect with what they love

Customer loyalty can be promoted when you get behind causes they care about.  For example, small businesses have been sponsoring little league teams for decades, and that option can be tied into modern computerized customer loyalty cards.  Instead of getting a coupon for their customer loyalty to your business, they can donate their points to the team you advertise on the wall of your business.  Naturally, the families associated with the little league teams will be delighted to have your support, but the customers you attract will be ideal for post-game quick serve business diners.

Do not forget the employees

When you are putting together a loyalty package for customers at your business, do not forget that the same system can be used to give your employees rewards.  Shift managers that notice that an employee is performing well compared to others can rack up extra points.  Employees can potentially get points when they get new people to sign up for the cards.  These collected points can be turned into a job promotion, money, eligibility for holiday hours, or other prizes.