food served at classified group food served at classified group

The recent pandemic that swept the world showed no mercy to anyone. Especially to business owners all around the world – big or small. Classified Group of Hong Kong was no exception to the wrath of Covid 19. With 9 restaurants and 2 cafes under their wings, they had to act swiftly and make unprecedented…

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Jungle House honey Jungle House honey

Jungle House‚Äôs journey began 12 years ago.  The brand was built with a clear vision in mind – to deliver delicious honey to the world, one cup at a time.  They went from selling honey through events and roadshows to a self-owned lifestyle store.  For more than a decade now, they have been serving customers…

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Fresh Meats in Queensland, Australia Fresh Meats in Queensland, Australia

For most businesses, battling a pandemic is unprecedented. Should you give more discounts? Should you move everything online? Throw in free gifts? What should you be telling your customers? There are so many questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to speak to someone who is doing a good job in handling this? This week, we catch…

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