Here’s Why You Need To Start Using Gamification In Your Marketing Plans

Recently I headed for my usual manicure appointment and upon payment, the cashier informed me that my purchases for that day entitled me to a reward from a quick spin-the-wheel session. It took me by surprise and I couldn’t be any happier. The familiar adrenaline rush hit me as I spun the wheel, my eyes anxiously tracing each wedge that passes through the needle as it rotates. Pedicure worth $30… 10% discount… $20 voucher… 50% discount… And finally, the needle

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EDM Marketing: Tips, Benefits & How-To

man reading email

Electronic Direct Mail, or better known as EDM, are typically used by businesses for marketing purposes. EDM campaigns focuses on sending out email blasts, allowing you to directly communicate your marketing messages by mass emailing your customers via an email database. Isn’t that called email marketing? Well, kinda. But technically, no. EDMs include more than just the simple concept of email communication we’re all familiar with. They usually incorporate the use of cross-media channels to reinforce their overall campaign message.

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How To Create Rewards That Deliver Value

More often than not, business owners fail to grasp the importance of giving rewards to their loyal customers.  Whether it’s because they feel it’s a waste of their resources or they’re worried it would not translate into profitable results —but I cannot emphasize enough that a little giving can actually go a long way. Apart from offering great products and delivering good services, rewarding your loyal customers is also a pivotal factor in attracting recurring revenue for your business. We’ve

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Why Are You Still Putting Off Your Loyalty Program?

Remember the time you made a promise to sign yourself up at a gym? Or that very fancy diary you bought because you vowed to be better at managing your work? What about that meal planner app you downloaded because you swore to bring healthier lunch boxes to work every day for the rest of the year? I could go on (obviously due to experience). Think procrastinating studies, going for a medical check up, or even getting insurance. These are

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Own A Hotel? Stand Out From The Crowd With These Simple Tips

tips for hotel owners

Someone once shared a quote with me, “The quality of the experience will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten.” And although it’s a struggle to make that lasting first impression before customers can even decide to book a stay in your hotel, many have also neglected the part where they ought to continue extending their service to their guests even after their stay is over. Regardless the size of the operations or brand, here are four useful fool-proof

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6 Essentials You Need To Run A Restaurant (And Keep ‘Em Customers Coming Back!)

loyal customers at a restaurant

Great food attracts new customers. Great service keeps them coming back for more. We know that serving great food is an important element in running an F&B business. But many take that for granted and tend to neglect the service part of it. It shouldn’t be one or the other; great food and great service should come hand in hand in order to create great experiences for customers. Great product (in this case, it’s food) + Great service = Great

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Deliver Food Yourself? Or Best To Outsource? Let’s See.

waitress smiling at customer in a cafe

Picture this: you’ve finally launched your own restaurant which has been getting a lot of positive reviews about the food and service from a sensible amount of loyal customers. At the same time, you’ve also been receiving plenty of feedback about your restaurant’s location being a little too hard to access because of its lack of parking spots. So, you decide that this is the best time to implement a delivery service for your restaurant in order to extend your

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Five Ways You Can Reward Your Loyal Customers

white gift box

In my previous article, I mentioned briefly on the importance of rewarding your customers and how humans are mysteriously drawn to the word ‘free’. And I, of all people, would know best as I speak from experience as a former entertainment reporter where my assignments consisted of me lugging home bags after bags of freebies.  Popcorn and posters from movie premieres; crates of beers from alcohol launches; fancy bottles and sport earphones from health campaigns; selfie sticks and waterproof sacks from

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4 Tips To Starting An F&B Loyalty Program

Last week I had this major craving for açaí smoothie bowls that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately it happened during the peak of the evening rush hour and to get to my favorite juice bar, I would need to make a detour from my usual path home and crawl for an additional half hour in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. Guess what? I did just that. And I’m one among millions of others who would go out of our way just to

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