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Brands Integrated With Loyalty Programs Set To Come Out Stronger

May 29, 2020 2:11:40 AM

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely forced business owners to think out of the box in order to keep their businesses running.

One advice that has been given by marketing and retail experts over and over again is to keep in touch with your customers and engage with them regularly.

Some experts also suggest that business owners award bonus points to loyal customers during this period of time – points that they can use later when the pandemic blows over.

CEO of iSeatz, Kenneth Purcell, echoes this sentiment when talking about integrating loyalty with food deliveries.

Food delivering businesses stand to profit the most from implementing a loyalty program and rewarding customers on a regular basis.

“Integrating loyalty with food delivery is not only strengthening relationships with your loyalty members, but also promoting local communities and small businesses who are offering takeout as a way to stay afloat,Kenneth Purcell said.

“There are brands setting the gold standard for loyalty, and I expect they will come out ahead when we begin traveling again.”

Aside from food deliveries, some hotels are also seeing an increase in customer engagement with their timely promotions.

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