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‘BeerCloud’ Launched In Ireland To Sell Irish Craft Beers Direct To Customers

May 18, 2020 1:17:12 AM

Who would have thought that a pandemic would strike and we would all have to stay home for months?

It’s hard for us and it’s even harder for business owners. Many business owners around the world had to come up with creative ways to continue serving customers and keep their business going.

In Ireland, Dead Centre Brewing founder Liam Tutty launched BeerCloud to help breweries in the country.

Through BeerCloud, breweries all over Ireland will be able to deliver craft beers to their customers all over Ireland.

There’s no minimum order required and shipping costs a flat €6 for any amount of beer, to anywhere within the 32 counties.

beer options from beercloud

Customers can choose from over 13 types of beer from 22 Irish breweries.

“Generally breweries in Ireland hold a wholesale and manufacturing license which means they have to sell in bulk.

Here at Dead Centre, we also have a publican’s license which allows us to sell in much smaller volumes. I’ve opened this up to other small breweries to make sure their route to market is not completely frozen.” says Liam Tutty.

“It’s very important to us that we do everything we can to safeguard those jobs, keep those breweries open and keep a supply of fresh beer going to the public.

Our approach is that a rising tide raises all boats – we want to make sure that post COVID 19 all the boats are still floating.” Liam adds.

Check out BeerCloud here.

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