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man on laptop sending out personalised email using automation on Eber man on laptop sending out personalised email using automation on Eber

Customers are the core of your business – we all agree on that.  As a business owner or manager, you priority is to give your customers the best service and experience. So much so that they will voluntarily tell people about your brand, post about it on social media, and leaving excellent reviews on your…

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customers on their phone checking reviews customers on their phone checking reviews

TLDR: Don’t just try to ‘close’ your customers. Instead, solve their problems and foster a relationship with them.  Yes, the funnel is dead. Stop using it  We all know the adage that customers are always right. But much more than that, it’s important to put customers first – before anything else.  There was a time…

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omnichannel marketing experience omnichannel marketing experience

You may have seen the word omnichannel marketing being thrown around by marketers. It’s almost like the new cool word.  But what does omnichannel marketing mean? And more importantly, how is it different from multichannel marketing?  According to Core DNA, it’s not uncommon to see the words omnichannel and multichannel marketing being used interchangeably. Both…

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loyalty program for any business loyalty program for any business

You want to start a loyalty program for your regular customers. But you’re not sure where or how to start.  Starting a rewards program for your customers isn’t as difficult as you think. But first, you need to answer a few questions. Do you want to try and do it by yourself, or would you…

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man bad at customer service man bad at customer service

Good customer service isn’t just about smiling, taking orders, and delivering the product. It goes way beyond that.  It’s in those little things that you do for your customers that make them like you and want to come back to you.  When customers like you and keep coming back to you, it means you make…

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We’re going to save you a huge amount of time and stress by recommending the one gift that works for pretty much anybody on the planet – gift cards.  What are gift cards and how do they work Gift cards are cards from a particular store that are topped up with funds and given to…

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Lucky Wheel 'Spin and Win' App Lucky Wheel 'Spin and Win' App

Have you ever won a lucky draw?  How did it feel?  We bet you felt pretty amazing – even though you only won a thumb drive.  How about the time when you bought a phone holder and the guy at the cashier threw in a USB cable for free? You probably felt a surge of…

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Business owner starting a rewards program for customers Business owner starting a rewards program for customers

Brands like Baskin Robbins, The Body Shop, Zalora, Sephora, Grab, and Nike have all long invested in customer loyalty programs.  Baskin Robbins, for example, gives members free ice-cream on their birthday.  Nike doesn’t stop at selling and promoting shoes. They want their customers to be in those shoes, living an active lifestyle. As part of…

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