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importance of branding by xavier mah importance of branding by xavier mah

Branding is everything.  According to Oberlo, branding is the process of creating a strong, positive perception of a company, its products or services.  When you have strong branding, you can easily stand out from the crowd and build your own loyal, customer base.  The reason people choose to walk into Starbucks instead of any other…

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marketing tips for restaurants marketing tips for restaurants

Marketing a restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.  You don’t have to spend a bomb on ads and billboards to gain traction.  There are many budget-friendly ways to gain visibility and attract people to come to your restaurant.  Here are 10 marketing ideas for your restaurant that won’t require a massive budget –…

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crisis plan for business crisis plan for business

Moving into the second quarter of 2020, no one expected the whole world to be struck with a pandemic. No one could have predicted that countries would go into lockdown, businesses will have to move online to survive, and employees would have to work from home for months. Some businesses struggled to keep up, while…

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loyalty tools necessary or a luxury loyalty tools necessary or a luxury

Today, we would like to answer one of the most popular question that people often ask: Are loyalty programs a necessity or a luxury?  Some would say that it was probably a luxury about 10 years ago – but a necessity today.  We would argue that loyalty programs have and will always be a necessity. …

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Amelia Lin Marketing Expert Malaysia Amelia Lin Marketing Expert Malaysia

When the pandemic hit, many businesses went into a panic mode. Countries went into lockdown, people were told they couldn’t leave their homes, and shops were not allowed to run. Businesses owners, marketers, and advertisers had to rethink the way they have been dealing with customers. They had to make sure to get the products…

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how to measure customer satisfaction how to measure customer satisfaction

What does customer satisfaction mean?  Customer satisfaction is the end goal of any business.  It’s about how satisfied customers are about your product or service.  Did they get what they wanted? Did your product or service solve their problems? Most importantly, are they happy enough to go back to your store?  96% of consumers say…

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retail store Yacth 21 in Singapore retail store Yacth 21 in Singapore

Customer loyalty and brand advocacy play a major role in contributing to a brand’s overall sales. As a retailer, increased loyalty among your customers can do wonders for your retail business.  A well-designed customer engagement strategy can lead to recurring sales and increased profits for your retail brand.  60% of retailers are using a loyalty…

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marketers discussing a customer loyalty program for their business marketers discussing a customer loyalty program for their business

Why do I need a customer loyalty or membership program? Do they really work?  Those are some of the most frequently asked questions. To answer the latter, yes they do work. Many studies have been done to show that loyalty programs are proven to help businesses grow revenue.  A loyalty increase of 7% can boost…

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CX Interview with Ethan Beute CX Interview with Ethan Beute

Customer experience is everything, they say. Experience determines whether or not a customer will seek you out and shop with you again. But not everyone understands how to make it work for them. How important is customer experience in 2020? Can businesses choose to ignore CX? What are the repercussions if they do? We turn…

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Hans Gill Tatler Awards Hans Gill Tatler Awards

Customers are important in any kind of business. More so when you’re running a restaurant. You want every customer to leave your restaurant with an excellent customer experience – raving about how the waiters politely greeted them, how the chef accommodated to their difficult requests, how the food arrived within a reasonable time even though…

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